The Death & Life of Psycho Syd – Part 1

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Well done for scrolling down to look at the first step in joining Psycho Syd on his harrowing yet fascinating journey. Are you ready to grab one of these signed and numbered copies? If so then read on because you will get a hell of a lot more then you could ever imagine!


  • A signed, numbered copy of the first issue with your own personal message if you so wish.
  • Also a gigantic chance that your book will be worth much more than you paid for it because it will be marketed world wide and a screenplay is being written too for Film Directors who are gagging for this kind of unusual true life story. Once you read it you will know why. Nothing has ever been written like this before!
  • And finally for a damn good read that will astound, inspire and enlighten you.

What are you waiting for?

The book is published and over 2000 copies have been sold already with rave reviews

Join me on this inspirational journey that will leave you gobsmacked forever.

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The Death and Life of Psycho Syd | Part 2 – Staying Alive!

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At long last it is time to pre-order Part 2 of this incredible story. Part 1 sold almost 2000 copies with all Amazon reviews 5 star. Get your low signed numbered copy here. You will love it x

The story continues in the same madcap style as it covers my fight against the cancer, loneliness and depression. From January 2015 to December 2017. Lots of dark rib-tickling humour, strange anecdotes and naughty innuendos. Coming soon.

Order it now and I’ll send it out as soon as it’s available!

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