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Now, this isn’t a dollop of marketing bullshit to try and get more pre-orders. Far from it; this is a post giving my friends an opportunity to grab one of the signed for numbered first limited edition copies before it is too late. Over 500 have already been snapped up out of 1000. There will be no further copies available. Once they are gone they are gone. Because if you don’t I guarantee that you will be kicking yourself in a few short months time. Read on…..

You may be scratching your skull wondering if I have lost the plot and what in heaven’s sake has given me the brassneck to spout such a cocksure statement. Let me open your rolling eyeballs. I started scribbling this jaw-dropping tale over three years ago. Many people pre-ordered and the feedback was very positive from the ones who read the attached unedited chapters. Most folks didn’t read them preferring to wait for the printed book. I knew it was a good page-turning read but also had to face the fact that it wasn’t in with much of a chance of becoming a best-seller. It would do well but I never felt worthy of standing anywhere near successful writers.

So what has created this sudden burst of cocky trumpet-blowing you may ask? Well, I have spent night and day over the last few weeks transforming the early chapters into mind-blowing works of literary art. I sit back in gob-smacked awe and ask myself, “Did you, a scruffy no-name council estate scally really write that? I don’t say this lightly but I would place this piece of writing at the top table with any memoir ever written. And it is not only me who is oohing and aahing over the writing. I professional who shall remain nameless had this to say after reading a bit of it, “Hi Syd, Just read it and cannot find words to describe how good it is.”

What makes it so special? Of course, the heart-tugging tale of fighting terminal cancer while alone with two young children is enough to prick up anyone’s ears. Also, the vegan lifestyle will also be of interest in these plant-based lifestyle times. However, it is much more than that. It is the strange colourful off the wall usage of words as they twist and turn leaving you mesmerised as you are right there with me experiencing this uncanny trip in full-blown technicolour. The final pieces to this remarkable jigsaw puzzle are the insane but true anecdotes from my madcap life around the planet which run hand in hand with the main plot. Each one will be superglued in your mind forever. Of course, let’s not forget my crazy sense of humour which will have you pissing yourself with laughter to make up for the times you sob with sadness. The book also has a spiritual theme running through it as it encourages you to take a long hard look at your life, inspiring you to make changes for the better.

This is the very first time I have sat back knowing that this book will be mega. As sure as I have a hole in my God-given Mancunian arse I know that once this tale has been published it will become a best-selling cult classic. Nothing has ever been written like this and nothing ever will be again until I write the sequel. And what a blooming blockbusting film it will make.

So, I am not pushing this book; it is up to you but believe me, it really is gonna kick arse around the planet. And what’s more all these pre-orders are non-profit. All the proceeds go to animal-friendly charities.

If you want to be one of the lucky ones with your very own soon to be valuable collector’s item then pre-order now. If not have a wonderful day but mark my words The Death and Life of Psycho Syd, Part One, Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo will be massive.

Well, that is it. Back to transforming the later chapters over the next few weeks. It won’t hit the bookshops and media until a few weeks after Christmas but when it does everything changes. The sooner the better because only once it is out can I live the dream by escaping Government handouts and helping the voiceless in the far east.

Love, Compassion and Peace

Your nearly famous vegan mate

Psycho Syd xx

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