Weekly Report-Week One.

By Posted in - Blog on July 10th, 2015

Well the first seven days of being live and I have sold 20 books aready. I am as chuffed as mintballs! And to think the first 3 days nothing was done because I was busy selling my Fairtrade Organic Coffee at Newcastle Vegan Fair. So I am very very happy. Lots of work to be done. I have finished the first chapter FOXTROT UNIFORM CHARLIE KILO and it will be beautified with images over the weekend and sent out early next week to the lucky people who have already purchased and are ready to join me on this amazing adventure. So for the price of just £9.99 you get 2 books-an unedited online version and a signed numbered edited paperback upon publication. As cheap as chips me thinks.

This upcoming week I will focus on the good causes I am supporting-Jen and Keith who are fighting the dreaded big C, The Swallows head and neck cancer support group, the young carers charity in Blackpool and the Pudz animal sanctuary. I will update you on where your money goes and the latest news from these causes I support.

As the Government is doing it’s all to repeal the ban of hunting with dogs law I am considering adding one more worthy cause to the options for people to donate to when purchasing the book. A sabbing group! This will give -2 people fighting cancer, 2 local groups who helped me during my fight and 2 animal charities. Will make a decision later.


Books sold 20
Projection of sales to end of the year= 500

Money raised for my good causes
Jen’s Journey–£3.98
Keith Mann–£3.98
The Swallows–£3.98
Young Carers–£7.96
Pudz Animal Sanctuary–£19.99

So week 2 and time to raise more for the good causes. Once the book is promoted more it really will go supersonic my friends-Please Share. Love Psyd Newcastle Vegan Fair

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