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After over three years of struggling to write this jaw-dropping true-life tale, we are almost at the finishing line. I started this book because I am unemployable after the cancer and needed to change my hand to mouth existence on Government handouts for my kids and me. Writing a book was the only option left. Unbelievably there have been over 500 paid for pre-orders and the positive feedback has been fabulous.

I am at present giving the early chapters a final edit to bring them up to the wow standard of the later ones. It is just hard but rewarding work. I am up from 3 am working on this! Remember, there is no reason for me to delay because I can’t change my life until my book is on the shelves. All these pre-orders are for charity!

I promise if you pre-order you will have your mind completely blown to pieces. This story is remarkable and the style is unique. Nowt like this has ever been written before. It WILL be a best-seller so get your collector’s item now. All these pre-orders are signed and numbered. What are you waiting for?

And what’s more only the people who pre-order from this site or from one of my presentations will receive the PDF files of all the unedited chapters. They are very raw and it will be interesting comparing them to the final polished printed book. However, they probably display the rage, despair and madness in a nerve-touching way.

Once these copies sell out there will be no further pre-orders available.


Love and compassion


Psycho Syd and Kyd xx

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