Vegan Party For Blackpool Young Carers 13th October 2015.

By Posted in - Blog on October 2nd, 2015

A big thank you to all the people who purchased my book and selected Blackpool Carers as their good cause option. These young children (including my son Jo) are helping a seriously ill parent or parents and attend a youth club every Tuesday to meet and play with other children aged 5 to 9 in the same situation.

So far you have raised £23.88 and all this will go to pay for food and drinks on the night. If you wish to donate any money to make this night even more special for these unfortunate kids you can make a small donation to my paypal account

Pictures of the party and info on how the money was spent will be posted after the event.


Loving Kindness



Cool like his old man lol

Cool like his old man lol

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