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On the spur of the moment I decided to go live before  the publication date of February 2016 for a number of reasons. Firstly to get the interest in my book, also to highlight and raise some much needed cash for the worthwhile causes I am promoting and as a blog to give information for people who are fighting cancer or who are looking for a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle. Lastly hopefully to get a few pre-orders and get some publicity for my book. These first 1000 copies are all none profit!

If you buy the book you will receive an email with the number of the signed copy you will receive and shortly the first chapter–FOXTROT ¬†UNIFORM CHARLIE KILO, followed by continuing chapters every month with images too!

You can now pre order from anywhere in the world but the shipping rates at the present moment only apply to the UK. So if outside the UK I may ask for a little extra to cover the costs later next week once worldwide postage and package is set. All postage and package is at cost-no profit to me.


I am so busy for the next 2 days, hospital check up in a couple of hours to check the big C hasn’t reared his ugly head again plus collect the kids from school, make dinner before driving to Newcastle tomorrow for the vegan fair.


Therefore sorry must dash but lots more news from Monday onwards.

Loving Kindness


Psycho Syd xx

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