Limited Edition Selling Quickly.

By Posted in - Blog on July 29th, 2018

If you want one of the exclusive signed numbered copies then shake a leg coz they are going fast. All non-profit. All the dosh going to your chosen charity. There are only 500 and almost 70% have already been snapped up. The feedback has been ace.

Have a look

It’s very powerful stuff. I think your story will be a comfort to people that go through similar experiences. Knowing that someone has gone through that and has come out the other end is very empowering.

Read chapters 5 and 6. Grim but funny and compelling. Without the humour, some readers might find it unbearable. So the combination of gruesome reality and dark humour is a winning formula.

I have just sat with clouded eyes and read the chapters of your book you sent. what I read was mind-blowing and I almost felt it for myself…………. almost, I couldn’t for 1 millisecond imagine how that time in your life was

I went to bed and couldn’t sleep, so decided to read.
Just finished reading chapter 11. Left me speechless, and now I’m scared about the next one

I have just sat there and read the Epitaph, all I can say is wow. If this book isn’t a best seller I shall eat my beanie hat.

Thanks for sending me Chapter 12 of your book I felt very privileged to have been able to read part of your troubled journey. I found the chapter very emotional, especially the part about your mum dying( it definitely brought a tear to my eye) you were able to capture the hurt and grief in losing a loved one.

Wow Syd!!, Just read it.It’s gripping reading.I think it’s really honest, straight up, in your face storytelling! Love it…Can’t wait for the next installment.

Fabulous mate!!! I devoured it without stopping…… Thought I knew almost everything about your story and just found out, I didn’t at all.

Bravo, bravo my friend. Well done. Such a wonderful vocabulary of words. I so enjoyed this fun chapter of such an imagination and going back in life and being a child. You are the most amazing writer I have ever encountered. What a pleasure and such an honour to be one of the first to share your story. You have my heart going pitter patter….thank you, my wonderful friend. All the very best in your next chapter.






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