Going to the Printers this month.

By Posted in - Blog on February 19th, 2019

I ask you to envisage that you are my hearty shipmate as we embark on a reckless voyage across an unexplored ocean boldly going where no ship has gone before.  On the stroke of midnight, we are both grinning at each other below deck on an age-old galleon. The cold wind is pelting rain against the tiny porthole, but we are safe and sound, clutching large glasses of dark rum. The timeworn beams creak as the flickering soft light from a brass lamp casts eerie, ghostly images of ancient mariners onto the warped wooden walls. The clink of our glasses echoes as the shadowy sea-dogs perform their dead-can-dance show on this night of the living dead. The generous gulp of red rum gives birth to a comforting warm glow inside as our very-alive eyes sparkle and join this otherworldly dance. They jig with excitement while the lust for adventure races through our veins and we head valiantly into the unknown. And shiver me timbers me old mate, what a mind-blowing adventure I have up my salty sleeve for you. So, get your sea-legs pronto, because this turbulent voyage up until December 2014 will leave you dizzy and intoxicated as we sail from heaven to hell. A harrowing journey of terminal cancer, heartache and the unnerving struggle for survival.

What are you waiting for? This book will be mega. Pre-order NOW.

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