Chapter 8-Looking at natural cures for cancer-Out this week.

By Posted in - Blog on January 12th, 2016


Don’t Fear the Reaper


slouched on my one and only sofa once again struggling to recuperate from the harsh hammering my dying body had had to live with during the previous petrifying grand tour of chemo land. When the word cancer bites one’s mind you are instantly zombie-fied and transform into a member of the walking dead starring in your very own Thriller music video. In this state of terror and dread you blindly dance along the cutting, poisoning and burning conveyor belt of conventional medicine. I dragged my decaying body along with my living dead comrades in a ghostly trance mesmerised into believing that this was the only feasible route of escaping becoming a fully paid up representative of the eternal un-living dead. Any other method was just quackery and doomed to failure. Or so I thought!

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