Chapter 6-JUMP.

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Chapter 6-Jump-Finished and being proofread and pics added and will be sent to my 121 subscribers this week. This chapter is about my first session of chemotherapy. The following paragraph was after I was admitted to an isolation ward fighting for my sanity and my life. Nothing has ever been written about the cancer trip like this before!

My doomed frame was placed on the bed and punctured with injections, fed pills and foul tasting liquids and a drip in each arm in a last ditch effort to keep me at finger nail’s length from death’s door. I knew full well that I had one foot in the grave as I struggled for my life. My wife, brother and kids visited my fading bod. My super fit drop-dead gorgeous wife kissed, held and loved my super unfit soon to be drop-dead form. However, I refused give up the ghost because the vision of being away from my loved ones was a fate worse than death. lol. I read a book about a young lad who sailed alone across angry oceans but it was all dreamlike in my foggy drugged-up mind. No more adventures in foreign lands for me; my next trip is when I break on through to the other side. If there is another side!

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