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I have been writing this true-life tale from June 2015. It has been a hard emotional slog but I am getting there. The journey is from January 2012 to December 2017. I am presently one and a half chapters away from completing January 2012 to December 2014. I already have over 100,000 words! Therefore I have made the difficult decision after consulting with the wonderful people who have already pre-ordered to split the tale into two books. The reasons for this are that a number of people have been waiting for over 2 years and I want them to have a copy in their hands in the very near future. Also once the book is finished it will be over 200,000 words and as I am charging just £9.99 I would be losing a lot of money. Take into account that all the pre-orders are non-profit with money going to a number of vegan-friendly charities.

So The Death and Life of Psycho Syd Part One -Helter-Skelter will be the first one released. It will cover the journey from working as a filmmaker in Laos to the sudden slide down to living alone on benefits in Blackpool with two young children. Plus stage 4 terminal cancer -prognosis of just 6 months to live. Harrowing and very real as you join the nightmare but with dollops of dark northern humour to relieve the shocking reality of looking death in the eyeballs.

I have a small indie publishing company who has agreed to publish plus I will use an editor to ensure that the story is a page-turning read without losing any its full in your face nerve-jangling raw-edge.

So the timescale is as follows;

Finish the book by the end of February.
Finish all edits by the end of April.
Front cover, typesetting and have the book available as a print on demand book on Amazon. Also available as an ebook.
Print 500 books for my subscribers and book launches. Each of these books will be signed and numbered with a personal message of your liking from me. I have 261 pre-orders as of today so just 239 left. So many people will buy once the book has been printed so if you want to guarantee yourself a signed numbered copy then do it now.
Post to all the people who pre-ordered, then sell any remaining to all friends who have promised to buy once the book has been printed depending on how many are left.

Then it will be time to write The Death and Life of Psycho Syd Part Two
This will cover the fight back. Finding love, Seeing the light, The development of my kids. Lots of inspiring stuff with amazing dark humour and tales of blind dates until astonishingly getting the all clear plus so much more

I will have the goal of finishing this book within 12 months as I now have more experience and an editor to work with.

I have absolutely 100s of amazing emails with feedback stating how unique and mind-blowing the writing is.



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