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Yippee I got the five year all clear against all the odds-whoop whoop


In 2012 I was diagnosed with inoperable stage Four neck cancer. The clinical nurse handing me a …

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Hi there Everyone.

We are getting near the end of this never-ending story. It started out in July 2015 and my goal is to have it finished by early 2018.

A big thank you to all …

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The Journey in 600 words

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This is going out to 15,000 head and neck cancer patients in the UK and Europe. Get your low numbered signed copy while you still can, x

The Death and Life of …

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Today Chapter 12 was sent out to my 164 subscribers. Getting great feedback. Many are hooked. Working like crazy to finish the book and get it out there.  hurry up and get one of the …

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Radio Lancashire

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Was on Radio Lancashire live to chat about my cancer trip and my book. Been invited for a life story chat on 24th August and of course will be promoting my vegan lifestyle

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Too Sick to Pray

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Chapter 11 sent out to my subscribers and amazing feedback. This book will be massive when published this summer. And what a film too. Get your low numbered signed copy before it hits the world!!!

Just …

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Things Speeding Along

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Well it is getting near that time. For all you wonderful people who have subscribed we are racing towards the final and most harrowing bit of the tale. Thanks for all the positive feedback and …

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Report up to 31st January 2016

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Books Sold 4

Money Raised

Keith Mann £3.98

Young carers £3.98

Total Books Sold to date 154

Money raised so far

Jen’s Journey £53.73

Keith Mann £45.77

The Swallows £53.73

Blackpool Carers £60.70

Pudz Animal Sanctuary £51.74

South Coast Hunt Sabs £35.82

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