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The Death & Life of Psycho Syd-Official Copy

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Choose from one of the charities below:

1. Keith Mann an animal activist in Manchester who is fighting his cancer using the Gerson Therapy. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SupportKeithMann/

2. The Swallows head and neck Cancer Support Group who meet and assist people including me who are diagnosed with head and neck cancer. http://www.theswallows.org.uk/

3. Pudz Animal Sanctuary helping animals. https://www.facebook.com/pudzanimalsanctuary/

4. Donate to hunt sabs who do what they can to protect badgers and foxes. https://www.facebook.com/SCoastHuntSabs

5. C.A.G.E.D Northwest – Protecting and rescuing Greyhounds http://www.cagednw.co.uk/

6. Together Against Cancer – Providing support for people with cancer and promoting a vegan lifestyle. https://togetheragainstcancer.org.uk/

7. Big V Sanctuary – Rescuing all animals in France. https://www.facebook.com/bigvsanctuary/

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This is the Official Publication which will be published in November 2019 by Ragged Cover Publishing. It will be signed and numbered. Until the official launch date the cost will be just £10 with 10% going to your chosen charity. It will be signed and numbered and posted to you on 5th November. So, grab a low numbered signed copy of this potential bestseller before it goes mainstream.  After launch the book will cost £13.50.


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Keith Mann, The Swallows, Pudz Animal Sanctuary, South Coast Hunt Sabs, CAGED Northwest, Together Against Cancer, Big V Sanctuary

Well done for taking the first step in joining Psycho Syd on his harrowing yet fascinating journey. Are you ready to grab one of these signed and numbered copies? If so then read on because you will get a hell of a lot more then you could ever imagine!

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  • A signed, numbered copy of the first issue with your own personal message if you so wish.
  • A beautifully designed unedited chapter with images that will not be in the book sent every month to your email leaving you biting your nails as you wait for the next enthralling chapter to arrive.
  • A bright warm glow inside after you select one of the good causes to help from the order page which will receive £1 of the purchase price. Have a quick nosy at who will benefit and you’ll be tempted to buy several copies.
  • Also a gigantic chance that your book will be worth much more than you paid for it because it will be marketed world wide and a screenplay is being written too for Film Directors who are gagging for this kind of unusual true life story. Once you read it you will know why. Nothing has ever been written like this before!
  • And finally for a damn good read that will astound, inspire and enlighten you.

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The book is published and over 2000 copies have been sold already with rave reviews

Join me on this inspirational journey that will leave you gobsmacked forever.

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PS. If you are curious to why he is called Psycho Syd all will be revealed in the first chapter which you will recieve after you pre-order this wondrous tale.