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Books selling worldwide. This one to Chicago

The feedback has been staggering. Just a small sample.

Syd, your book is phenomenal, heartbreaking and hilarious
I can’t put it down and there are precious few books I’ll read twice but this is the one!

Halfway through your journey…I feel your ecstasy and pain on every page….it’s a fantastic read and will definitely be a best seller….your honesty is refreshing and your humour unrelenting

oh, Syd, I am only on page 29 & I am gripped! so apprehensive about what’s to come but this is so beautifully honest, emotional rollercoaster! thank you so much! I will treasure my signed copy

I’ve just spent Easter engrossed in you – a magnificent meaningful read straight from the heart – I can’t wait for part 2

What more can I say. Get your copy now xx

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